mercredi 17 septembre 2008

tak out café | Mélissa Cloutier

Dans le domaine environnemental, on peut très clairement critiquer le fait d'utiliser des verres de café jetables. Ceci étant dit, voici un concept ingénieux de Mélissa Cloutier dans notre cours d'emballage l'année dernière. Avec une seule pièce de carton, sans collage, on offre un service très sympathique à l'usager. De plus il protège la main de la chaleur et évite les accidents fâcheux lors du transport.

From an environmental point of view, it's not exactly great to use paper coffee cups. That being said, here is an intelligent concept developed by Mélissa Cloutier in my packaging class. Using a simple piece of cardboard without any gluing, this coffee cup holder offers a nice service to the user carrying the standard milk cups and protecting the hand from the heat of the cup. It helps also avoiding accidents during the transportation.

4 commentaires:

  1. Anonyme03:47

    completely useless design.

    why would you want to carry the creamer with the coffee instead of adding them in the first place?

    this just creates more garbage.

  2. I agree about the garbage part of your comment, I was mentionning it right in the beginning of my post.

    For the useless part, I don't agree. These cups can be very warm and the idea of adding a simple handle is valuable consideration.

    Of course the best thing is what we do at the schoold of design. That is bringing your owm permanent reusable cup for coffee.

  3. not only is it not useless, there are plenty of instances when you would want to carry the creamer with the coffee instead of adding them in the first place. For instance when you get coffee from the beverage cart in an airplane and they don't know your preference while avoiding accidents as mentioned in the post.

  4. Anonyme14:44

    I like it! Much preferred over the standard sleeve (although advertisers will lose precious space). But if the spaces for creamer are necessary, I'd like to see them incorporated into the design. Perhaps these two spaces are turned sideways as part of the handle (not interfering with the handle of course) and when not in use, become finger holes.

    By the way, the spaces to carry cream do not create more garbage. The creamers themselves do.