jeudi 20 août 2009


Nike a trouvé le filon «vert» en Chine récemment, lors d'une exposition qui s'articule autour de deux de leurs croyances fondamentales; « le désir de légèreté et de durabilité » Ils ont demandé demander l’aide du Studio 2X4 et les designers Klauck Zak et Emile Molin ont eu l’honneur les de concevoir un emballage-pochette 100% carton et qui utilise un minimum d’encre pour les chaussure, coupe-vent et chemise. Tous les détails spécifiques aux produits sont écris à la main (grandeur, couleur etc.)
via: World Famous Design Junkies

«Nike found the needz for greenz in China recently at an exhibition based around two of their fundamental beliefs; “the desire for lightness and sustainability,” and went to 2×4 Design for help. Designers Zak Klauck and Emile Molin had the honors designing an all-cardboard (and a tiny bit of ink) package for Nike to stash their shirt, windbreaker, and shoe combo in. To fulfill both of the fundamentals central to the project, the wrap is constructed out of recycled cardboard with universal graphics printed on each package, the specifics (model, shoe size) written in on each by hand.

Those are some nice packages there, right? The one with the fatter flat surface holds the shoes, the one with more of a chainlink-fence look holds the windbreaker and shirt. But I tell you what, whatever you’d put in these packages would undoubtedly party so hard — that it doesn’t even matter what those shirts or shoes even look like.»
english text and images via: World Famous Design Junkies

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