jeudi 17 septembre 2009

Papier, roche, ciseaux | TerraSkin

Connaissez-vous Terraskin, il s'agit de papier fait de poussière de roche et non de fibre végétale. L'idée est très séduisante; regardez ce petit vidéo et allez voir le site. Je vous reviendrai avec plus d'informations à ce sujet d'ici quelques temps. Ça semble prometteur. (via Amani)

Do you know Terraskin? It is a paper made from stone dust instead of vegetable fiber. The idea is very attractive; watch this little video and check out the site.
I will return with more information about this soon. It seems very promising.
(via Amani)

2 commentaires:

  1. This "paper" is really a blend of powdered limestone and plastic (polyethylene), used to glue it together. Such blends cannot be recycled in existing paper OR plastic facilities.

    Waterproof, and archival (with the right inks). But not a great general solution to the pollution and energy questions around conventional paper.

  2. Anonyme16:51

    This paper is degradable and at point of production it says you can re-use this material with no end life unlike conventional pulp paper that can only be recycled 3-7times in its life cycle. Also this company is cradle to cradle certified which can help protect our environment from companies that "green wash"