dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Hareng de Garant | Brand Identity

Voici une jolie série de conserves de hareng pour la marque Garant. Ce n’est pas le genre de truc que je consomme, mais j’avoue que les petits harengs avec les T-shirt m’ont charmé. via www.belowtheclouds.com»

«A month before Christmas and I’m already planning what to put on my julbord. Pickled herring is must but the question is to make it myself or go for Garant’s new wonderful packaged line of herrings. The packaging was designed by Bas Brand Identity and don’t you just love herrings in small colorful shirts?!
text and image via www.belowtheclouds.com»

1 commentaire:

  1. I am graphic designer myself and our studio's main job is designing packaging for one of the biggest herring producing companies in Poland. Looking at the packaging above I wish we were allowed to design series so playful and original.
    Maybe we should design a litimed series just for ourselves, to to have fun with our everyday and sometimes mundane job. Even if we have to keep it in a drawer or showcase on the wall in our studio.